The Go X scooters are a new way to rent scooters that are connected to businesses in your area. Rather than pay each rider a fixed amount, you simply rent the scooter for an hour or a day. After you’ve used the scooter, simply return it to any of the 55 business partners. While this is an exciting new technology, it’s not without controversy.

Is Go X legit?

One of the most striking features of the go x scooters is their ability to charge themselves. The scooters will automatically drive themselves to your destination and then return to a charging station to recharge. The scooters have a main front wheel that provides driving power, and training wheel-style outrigger wheels to maintain balance. The scooters fold forward when you take control of them, making them an impressive sight to behold.

The Go X app allows riders to hail a scooter and return it safely to a station. The Go X app is available for both campus visitors and employees. The app works similarly to other on-demand ride-sharing services. It also lets riders find the closest Go X scooters to them and return them to a depot for charging. This way, Go X scooters are sanitized and ready for the next rider.

Go X is working with the administration at AWC to ensure the scooters are safe. Its goal is to provide convenient and efficient transportation for students. Go X scooters will arrive at AWC before the start of classes, move around campus during the day, and then be picked up and recharged at designated locations at night.

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