Whether your living room needs a few updates or an overhaul, these interior design ideas will help you craft a cozy hangout where you can kick back and relax. From bold colors and fearless wall art to bespoke shelving and unique storage solutions, these designer-approved hacks will get your creative juices flowing.

What is called interior designer?

Paint is your best friend in small spaces. A light blue or green (like this shade by Lick) will make the ceilings appear higher and brighten up your room. To create a cohesive look, opt for the same shade on moldings and trim as the wall color, like this space by Decorilla designer Keyanna Bowen.

Showcase family heirlooms and vintage finds with a unique display. For a modern take, use dark-colored backdrops to make your curios stand out, like this living room by Burnham Design. Here, the deep green shade matches the sofa, while a gallery of art with pink details provides contrast and visual interest.

Repurpose a set of antique champagne buckets as a unique way to store flatware, or hang them on the wall and showcase them as decorative artwork. A few mirrored surfaces can also be useful for adding visual depth to a room, and they can make a tight corner feel larger.

Keeping your interior design style consistent can be tricky when mixing patterns and textures. Stick to one or two contrasting prints and use serene neutrals for a clean base. If you want to add more pattern, consider incorporating texture instead of patterned fabrics. For example, animal hides and carved woods can give an eclectic bohemian-inspired bedroom a polished look without overwhelming the overall color scheme.

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