Getting around London can be challenging, especially with a dog. The good news is that many black cabs accept pets. This is a driver’s discretion though and it’s worth checking before you head out (especially for bigger dogs). You can also hire private drivers or minicabs to take you and your pet around, although this may cost more than a regular cab.

Pet Taxi in London with Best Prices

The pet taxi london allows you to bring your dog, cat or rabbit into the UK without having to spend time in quarantine, as long as it’s micro-chipped, up-to-date on its rabies vaccinations and has been treated for tapeworms. You’ll also need a passport, which replaces the old pet health certificate, and you’ll need to pay a fee to have it checked at the vet.

If you want to avoid flying with your pet, it’s possible to get to the UK from Paris via the Eurotunnel or a ferry. This service from T2 Transfer takes you and your pet to Folkestone then to London (or elsewhere in the UK). They meet you at the Eurotunnel station and help you with your luggage and pet, and they’ll give you blankets for your dog.

It’s a little expensive, but it’s less stressful than travelling by plane with your pet in a cargo hold. Plus, your pet is kept in an individual crate, which makes it more comfortable than being in a car full of other animals. They’ll even walk your dog every four hours if needed.

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