Organic CBD Products

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in hemp (a cousin of marijuana). It’s been shown to help with a variety of issues, including pain and anxiety.

But not all CBD products are created equal. And one of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a CBD product is whether it’s organic or not. That’s because organic CBD products are held to a higher standard than non-organic ones.

To get the USDA organic label, a hemp crop must be free of non-organic pesticides and herbicides for three years before it can be certified as organic. It must also be grown in soil that’s improved with crop rotations, ground tilling, and natural fertilizers. In addition, the use of GMOs is strictly prohibited for organic crops. Read more

From Soil to Soul: The Journey of Organic CBD Products and Their Sustainable Origins

Once a crop is organically grown, CBD producers must follow specific extraction processes and only use carrier oils that have been USDA organic certified. They must also keep their organic and non-organic CBD products separate to avoid cross-contamination. And they must have a third-party lab test their products for heavy metals and other contaminants.

While some CBD companies may use non-organic ingredients, a growing number of them are moving toward sustainable and organic products. For example, Joy Organics offers a full-spectrum CBD oil that’s infused with extra virgin olive oil. This makes it great for a topical, and reviewers love how it helps with pain and stress. They also have softgels with added supplements like melatonin or curcumin.

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