Repotting snake plant isn’t a difficult process and it can help your plant thrive. Snake plants are often quite root bound and need repotting to give them more room to grow. They also do best when repotted in spring as they come out of their winter dormant period.

To make the repotting process as quick and easy as possible, it’s important to start with a clean workspace. Sanitize your tools before you begin and remove the old pot from the snake plant, being careful not to pull on any roots. Examine the roots and remove any that look dead, brown or mushy. This encourages new growth and helps the snake plant absorb nutrients more effectively.

Green Thumb Guide: How to Successfully Repot Your Snake Plant

When repotting, select a container only 1-2 inches larger than the current one. A bigger container will retain too much water, increasing the risk of root rot. Snake plants are top-heavy and need a lightweight soil mix to support them in their new containers. You can purchase a potting mix specifically designed for houseplants or you can easily make your own by combining 2 parts potting soil with 1 part coarse sand and 1 part pumice or perlite.

Place the snake plant into the new pot and gently press the soil around it. Add more soil to fill the space to about an inch from the top of the container. Water generously and place the snake plant in a location with bright indirect light.

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