Honda have made a bike that puts a smile on peoples faces – it’s small enough for learners and yet has enough power for riders of all abilities to enjoy. It’s easy to ride, agile and fun – the sort of bike that makes you want to limbo under the wheels of a car, or at least chuck it through some traffic lights.

How much does a Honda Monkey 125 cost?

Honda monkey 125 takes the design of its namesake and adds some modern touches. It’s priced at PS3699 and is A1 licence friendly for learners so it will appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. This isn’t a bike that’s designed to be the fastest, or even the most practical – it is built to make people smile when they ride it, and to encourage them to stop taking themselves too seriously.

The bike utilises a steel backbone frame tuned for a balance of rigidity and supple feel and a rider position that’s perfect for the broad variety of conditions it’s designed to be ridden in. It’s matched with 12-inch cast aluminium wheels, Nissin hydraulic disc brakes at either end and a 31mm non-adjustable front fork.

Power comes from a 125cc air-cooled engine updated for 2022 that’s geared for easy riding in the city and delivers a claimed top speed of 91kmph. This is a great little engine with good torque and an easy-going character. It’s air-cooled for the simplicity and light weight it offers and has a single over head cam that times a twin-valve head for good balance when leaned over.

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