For those looking to add CBD products to their product lineups, it’s important to choose a manufacturer that adheres to scrupulous standards and produces high-quality, safe products. This article ranks the top featured CBD manufacturers on Thomas and in the US by revenue to help you make a selection that’s right for your business.

What are the 3 types of CBD?

The most respected wholesale cbd suppliers usa are those that offer comprehensive manufacturing services and work to build trust with brands. This includes a commitment to quality, adherence to regulations, and a willingness to work with brands to create custom formulations. The best wholesale cbd manufacturers also offer competitive pricing and transparent, accurate labeling.

BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific is one of the most sought-after CBD wholesale suppliers in the industry, thanks to their dedication to delivering superior full-spectrum products. This is backed by sustainable, organic farming practices and meticulous in-house extraction methods. It’s also worth noting that they use a third-party lab to test their products. That’s a much more reassuring sign than an in-house COA, which may not be as honest or trustworthy.

Another company to consider is Partnered Process, whose all-in-house approach allows them to ensure the highest level of transparency and accountability in their manufacturing process. The company uses clean organic materials and partners with local farmers to process hemp. This allows them to ensure their products meet the highest standards for quality and potency, as well as provide excellent value for brands. They also have a wide range of products including massage balls, lip balms, bath salts, salves, gummies, pet products, and isolates.

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