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A magic mushroom dispensary is opening in Ybor City, Florida, as cannabis pushes into the mainstream. But the Tampa store called Chillum sells only hemp-based mushrooms that mycologists consider Amanita muscaria, not the outlawed psilocybin found in traditional “magic” mushrooms. It’s a legal loophole that Carlos Hermida hopes will catch on as the industry expands.This link

While Health Canada lags behind with its approval of therapeutic psilocybin, dispensaries are sprouting in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, and hundreds more are popping up online. Customers are diverse: Some come to find relief from depression and PTSD; others want to micro-dose a small amount of the hallucinogenic compound, which can cause psychedelic effects including seeing, hearing and feeling things that aren’t there.

Safe and Legal: How to Purchase Magic Mushrooms from a Dispensary

But there are also risks, and the riskiest part is getting to a dispensary. Many people are scared of the stigma surrounding drug use, especially on social media. And some are worried about the potential for a bad trip or flashbacks, which can be distressing.

The first step is a consultation with a nurse, who recommends the type of mushroom that would work best for each customer’s needs. Some mushrooms help with concentration, while others offer relaxation. Darren Lyman, who runs the co-op, says his customers also tell him about their experiences with marijuana or psychedelics, which helps him determine what might be helpful.

The Ybor City shop is one of three locations the company, Shroomyz, has in Ontario, and plans are in place to open more. But it’s a small operation compared to dispensaries in the U.S., which can include hundreds of products. A recent search on Facebook Marketplace in Winnipeg turned up about three dozen listings offering everything from a small bag of dried mushrooms to the more potent varieties.

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