School playgrounds are the perfect place for kids to develop physical and social skills. They’re also important for fostering creativity and promoting cognitive development. And while many schools have limited playground space, some are working to transform the outdoor play areas for all kids in their communities.

Playgrounds provide a variety of ways to develop children’s gross and fine motor skills. For example, climbing a climbing wall requires a lot of upper body strength, and pumping their legs on the swings builds the muscles in their arms and legs. Other equipment, like slides and monkey bars, help build coordination and balance.

Social and emotional skills are developed on the playground, too. Playing with friends who may have different interests and strengths teaches children to work together collaboratively. It also helps them learn patience as they wait for their turn on the playground equipment.

From Swings to Climbing Frames: Diverse Options for School Play Equipment

As any teacher knows, conflict is a natural part of playing with others and it can be beneficial for students to learn how to work through disagreements. And with the increased interaction that school playgrounds offer, kids learn empathy for other students from various parts of the world and backgrounds.

Finally, playgrounds can be used as an outdoor classroom for learning about the natural environment. Science classes, for example, can take their lessons outside to explore the rocks, trees and insects found in the area. If you’re looking to improve your school playground, contact us today. We can create a new schoolyard within reach of all the students at your school.

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