Top Shelf Canada

Top shelf refers to a product that is made in small batches and has high-quality ingredients. Usually, this means that the cannabis is also potent with more cannabinoids and higher levels of terpenes than lower-tier cannabis products. Top-shelf cannabis is usually more expensive because it is more labor-intensive to produce, which raises the production costs for the producer. It is important to match the strain’s effects with its proper use case to get the most out of your experience.

Joshua Lines, Founder and CEO of Top Shelf Canada, got his start during a late-night pub shift when he wanted an elevated hot sauce option among the standard pub-fare offerings. He and his best friend, a culinary scientist, worked together to develop Front Street Heat — a low-spice sauce that gives spice-averse people the chance to enjoy the flavour and fun of a hot sauce.

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As the brand gained traction in local grocery stores, they were approached by the all-too-familiar startup life of stretched allocated costs and limited packaging abilities. Top Shelf Canada partnered with a local design studio to create a line of re-usable glass bottles that would be more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective for the business.

As the company continues to grow, they aim to support charitable initiatives that help struggling families as a core part of their culture and vision. They’re also working to expand their LCBO distribution as well as their online sales. They’re looking forward to seeing their products in more LCBO locations across the country, and even international markets in the future.