Spray foam insulation is a powerful air barrier and insulator for new construction, retrofits, renovations and repair work. It can be applied to an attic, walls, and ceiling and dries into a hard foam that seals cracks, gaps, and voids. It helps prevent energy loss and lowers heating and cooling bills. It’s also a permanent solution that lasts as long as the building does. More info:https://advancedsealsprayfoam.com

It is expensive to install spray foam in a home but the costs are offset by lower energy bills and elimination of many costly repairs like roof leaks, pest control, and wood damage due to water seepage. It is also environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. It also helps lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The Environmental Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation in Pratt, KS

Closed-cell spray foam is more durable than open-cell, has a higher R-value, and creates an effective vapor barrier. It is a little more expensive than fiberglass batt insulation but cheaper than cellulose and mineral wool insulation. It’s available with a low GWP blowing agent which further reduces the environmental impact.

Homeowners must consider spray foam insulation check with their lender to make sure it is an acceptable improvement that will not jeopardize a future sale of the property. It’s also worth checking that the installer uses a spray rig that uses low GWP blowing agents to eliminate the production of toxic and ozone depleting CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs. While the rig is working it emits a noxious fume that can cause blurred vision and difficulty breathing so it’s important to wear masks and protective clothing.

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